Process and co-creation

Conditions are that you can afford to pay for the home, that you are excited in influencing the residential building as well as your own home and that you are available for the workshops in the evenings. You are expected to reserve on average half a day per week to read mail and documents, make decisions, communicate and attend as many workshops and meetings as you can.

During the development and construction, there are different phases in which you can sign up for IJgenwijs. You do this by signing a letter of intent and a participation agreement. You can quit the project at any moment, until the purchase contract has been signed.

Your attendance is appreciated whenever possible, but there is no minimum.

The non-binding digital workshops take up 2 hours and take place every two weeks. You are free for reading, mainly e-mail and documents, making decisions and communicating.

Location and surroundings

IJgenwijs is easily accessible by public transport. A direct tram takes you to Amsterdam Central Station within 20 minutes.


Space is reserved underneath the residential building for bicycles and a limited number of cars. These car parking spaces can be purchased. There will also be a general parking garage at the beginning of Centrumeiland, so visitors will have an opportunity to park close by. The group is also looking into the possibility of sharing cars amongst each other.

Sales and planning

At this point it is difficult to give firm dates for completion of the property, but we can of course give you an indication. We expect to start construction in the first quarter of 2021 and we expect homes to be ready for our residents to move in roughly one year later, so in 2022.

Expected to start 1st quarter of 2021.

In the 4th quarter of 2020 (this is subject to financing and obtaining irrevocable building permit (environmental permit).